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1. Schedule Appointment to Meet in Our Showroom: Here we go over the details of your project plan and take the requested retainer to begin the design process (*non-refundable, applied to most jobs).

2. Free Job-Site Assesment Consultation: We come to your home and review the job-site to figure out scope of work, material and time involved on project.

3. A Representative from Evo Visits Job-Site to Measure and Assess Mechanicals of Project.

4. Preliminary Floor Plans Are Drawn-Up, Surveys Are Completed and Design Details Are Worked Out With Client.

5. 2nd Appointment is Scheduled to Review Preliminary Drawings: Designs are worked out until finalized. Upon approval of concept design, materials are ordered.

6. Staging Process is Performed: Products are prepped for quick, easy installation on job-site.

7. Construction Process Begins: This can span from 1 to 8 weeks, or more depending on scope of work.

8. Tail-End of Project: We review details with client to ensure everything is completed to your satisfaction.

9. Client is Overwhelmed with Joy Upon Completion of Their Job!

10. Client Shares Their Wonderful Experience With Friends & Family and Writes Amazing Reviews About Evo Online 😀


1. Contractor Sends Client to Evo With Existing Plans (Referral fees applicable, no retainer required.)


2. Contractor Schedules Appointment With Client at Evo to Go Over Plans

Evo Design Center offers a scaling commission to contractors based on expansion of work as job progresses.

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