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The Evo Difference

Take a Step Out of the Box!

As the saying goes, “You can have it cheap, fast or good. Pick two.”

At Evo, we handle everything from the simple lower price projects to building luxury homes. We can adapt to your budget, and as always high end is our specialty. Evo has completed multi-million dollar jobs from design to the last nail, as well as simple and beautiful kitchen and bath design for our clients. We fit the budget, not the mold. Some companies only work on lower-end projects because they are not capable of anything else. Other companies only want the “big money” projects. With a wide range of work under our belt, we can honestly say that Evo is the “everything to everybody” company. If you can dream it we can build it, and at a price that works for you.

Evo is more than just a “Box or Parts Seller”. At Evo, you will work side-by-side with an NKBA Certified Kitchen & Bath Expert through your entire experience.

At most Kitchen and Bath dealers, you are limited to cabinet only sales and people with little to no construction experience. You also lose the One-Stop-Shop service having to get your tile, plumbing and other components elsewhere.

Personal service and experience make Evo Construction a step above the rest. We handle the process from start to finish.

When you hire other construction companies “You” are likely to be the “GC” and when problems come up you will be left holding the bag.

Apples to apples, we offer lower price points than the “Big Box” companies. We also educate you with all the information you need to make the best choices for your home.

“Big Box” companies simply hire a person to make sales, untrained with little to no design background or experience. You are likely to pay more and get less.

Evo’s job management is beyond compare. You can count on the same friendly faces in your home and consistent work flow throughout your project. We’ll even walk your dog!

With other companies, you are rarely in touch with the same people twice, and it’s impossible to get a hold of anyone in management. If your contact happens to be out sick your job may just suddenly come to a halt.

With Evo, you get personalized service 24/7. We guarantee emergency access to someone at any hour – day or night.

Typical businesses only function from 9 to 5 leaving it impossible to get someone on the phone when problems actually arise.

About Our Founder

The Man Who Makes the Difference

Why does Evo stand apart from the competition? To try to explain the Evo difference is in such a small space is difficult, but since 1985 owner, designer, artist and master craftsman, Perry Michael Reinstein, CKD has always prided himself on producing the best job possible. In order to accomplish this he has focused on his company to be a full service remodeling firm, that is not a “Jack of all Trades” but a “Master of all trades”.  From the initial planning and design stages, Evo certified designers engineer every aspect of the jobs. Structurally, ergonomically, mechanically and aesthetically to ensure only the finest quality finished job is produced. One of the principal ideas taught by Perry Michael is very simply, “You design for people, not space. A Kitchen is not 15′ x 17′, but a husband and wife, both working, 2 kids 10 & 6, bakes a lot…” Following though with this process throughout the entire project guarantees a superior result with any type of job and is ultimately what every homeowner really wants. Evo has been completing projects ranging from basements to complete 10,000 sq. ft. renovations and has specialized in kitchens and baths because of their detailed nature. Evo has always been involved in “green” building techniques, as well as HVAC and home automation. Put all this together and you have a great One-Stop-Shop for all your remodeling needs. At Evo, we have one central formula… Pride in our work.

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