When stopping by the Evo Design Center showroom, Josh and Tami, both doctors, fell in love with the idea that Evo Design Center is a one-stop shop. With their busy schedules, they would be able to find everything for their project within the massive four floors of the showroom, from tile to cabinets to plumbing fixtures. They also realized that Josh is the pediatrician for Pia and Perry Michael Reinstein’s (owners of Evo Design Center) three children, which made them feel even more comfortable on such a large project. In their Melville, NY, home, the existing master bedroom was very spacious, but being a now 15+ year-old builder bathroom, was in need of a remodel. As with most builder bathrooms, the existing shower was small and operated very poorly. They also felt the original vanity lacked space and functionality. As Perry Michael redesigned the space, he reduced the tub platform in order to enlarge the shower to 4’ x 6’ with an integral bench seat and lengthen the vanity to include three drawer stacks for incredible storage and organizing. One real necessity was the new shower function well. After running pressure and flow tests, Perry Michael determined that he needed to increase some pipe sizes in the floor. As far as style, both husband and wife agreed they both loved a simple Crema Marfil marble Elegant Resort feel with very simple and clean lines. Grohe faucets, Jaclo high flow thermostatic shower controls, Wellborn cabinetry and the icing on the cake using two electric mirrors that really give excellent lighting to finish the space. With every detail completed with precision and expertise by Evo Design Center, they now are on a resort vacation every day in their own home. Bon Voyage!