I think a marble look whether Crema Marfil or Carrera or others is a great timeless look. The real question here is not how it is maintained but are you and whoever else will be using this room be able to be a bit more careful. Marble scratches easily and can stain if abused (something with heavy dyes not cleaned up immediately). It also can stay beautiful for a long time, is not a fragile as it’s made out to be and can be re-polished easily (e.g. Casinos, restaurants). Today there are some really great porcelain tiles that when installed you cannot tell the difference but this will also require creative designing and possible use of real marbles for the bull noses, pencils and other edge finishes because most porcelain tiles will not have exposable edges. This being said, if you can find the look you want in a good porcelain tile I would probably recommend this first but don’t be afraid of using Marbles in a lower traffic space.