It’s a common topic, Kitchen and Bath Design Trends but a great deal of these discussions covers the entire country and they really change from territory to territory. I find that even comparing Manhattan to central Long Island to the East End of Long Island differs completely so forget about the trends in Colorado or California!

I do see most of our local demographic territory has shifted towards “Transitional Styles” with “Open Floor Plans”. To explain “Transitional Style”, this is really just mixing traditional and contemporary styles together and I find that most end up using warmer colors.

With Kitchens, the largest style trend that we have seen is white shaker style or a derivative of shaker with white type countertops. Most of these countertops are being done in a quartz material that resembles White Carrara but easier to maintain. This 2016 trend seems to be shifting more towards warmer whites and sandier color tones but still maintaining clean sharp lines and simple hardware. While this is the majority of interest, traditional style is still strong in middle Long Island and warm contemporary is very strong in Manhattan. We are also doing a great deal of large single level islands with seating and removing the “eat in table”, opening up walls to make the dining room table part of the kitchen and an everyday use table. As far as function in the Kitchen, drawers, drawers and more drawers…and accessories in drawers.

In Bathrooms the largest trend is “Large Showers”. In master bathrooms we are usually trying to achieve a 4’ x 5’ area with bench, main head and handheld. From there you can add many other options but this seems to really satisfy most of our customers needs. Most customers are even willing to remove the bathtub to achieve this as long as there is still one tub somewhere in the home. We also are seeing a great deal of free standing soaking tubs, heated floors and lighted mirrors. Strong style trends seem to be like kitchens, white on white. The other strong Long Island bath trend style is earthy tones and textures. On the ergonomic or “aging in place” side are features like grab bars, no threshold showers.

Other areas that overlap into 2016 Kitchen & Bath trends are large demand for wood-look porcelain tiles and large format tiles. I am seeing a lot of crystal and faceted looks in the lighting and hardware with chrome and brushed nickel being the strongest finishes. In decorative tile whether kitchens or bathrooms seem to be moving into heavy texture / patterned and interesting glass, usually metallic’s and glass stone mixes. Subway tile especially beveled subway’s are still used very often and don’t look like they are leaving on the next train anytime soon.

I think a great deal of the trends today are driven by how society and our family lives have been evolving. Family activities, entertaining, hobbies, work habits all of these family functions have been changing and of course the two most important areas of the home, Kitchens and Bathrooms need to evolve with this, and they have been If we look at some of the new technologies that are here and coming I can only imagine what trends we will be discussing in 10 years. Automated cooking? Virtual Bathing? Hope not but maybe self-cleaning clothes could be interesting. Good luck to all of you planning your new kitchens and Baths and I hope you achieve your dream spaces.