Well this is a little bit of a loaded question and I can probably write an entire book on the subject. I think the main parameter of this question would be budget. A gunite pool will generally cost double the comparable vinyl pool installed. There are also long-term maintenance concerns as well as local property tax considerations. Then determine if the additional cost is worth the long-term durability or if you like the softer, smooth feel of a vinyl pool. There also are fiberglass pools to consider that give long term durability, very interesting shapes and internal features and will use the least amount of chemicals to keep functioning properly. I think the best solution is to look at all of these factors, how long you plan to be in the home and really interview well established and high rated pool installers. This is a very hard one to fix if done wrong so which ever pool you decide on don’t go cheap, you might end up regretting it. Please feel free to contact me again with any other concerns or questions on this subject.